Thơ Không Niêm Gởi NewHaven và Cư Dân về Tượng Cáo Hồ

Open Letter to NewHaven Town Council

and Residents

Thơ Không Niêm Gởi Hội Đồng Thành Phố NewHaven cùng các Cư Dân


Sau khi BỊ biết cái tin ‘điên khùng ăn không ngồi rồi’ là Thành phố NewHaven ở cực Nam Anh Quốc đang được VC hứa tặng một tượng của cáo Hồ (do tiền cướp từ người dân khổ cực lầm than) qua trung gian của Tòa Đại sứ của chúng tại Luân đôn, cùng chung nhiều người, chúng tôi cũng đã có gởi một thơ không niêm, đê trình bày tất cả sự ‘trái đời’ cho Hội Đồng Thành Phố NewHaven về sự việc này, NẾU quả thực nó SẼ PHẢI BỊ xẩy ra!

Đồng thời, chúng tôi cũng có ‘cc’ bức thư này cho Bà Maria Caulfield, Dân biểu đơn vị Lewes, thuộc Viện Thứ Dân (House of Commons) của Quốc Hội Vương Quốc Liên hiệp Anh và Bắc Ireland.

Dưới đây là bức thư được gởi đi qua hình thức ‘email’:



Su: Gift from Communist Vietnam to NewHaven Town for a monument at West Quay

September 14, 2015

Dear Newhaven Town Council and Residents,

I would like to add some concern about your NewHaven Town’s planning with the NOT YET finalized gift from Communist Vietnam, as a nationalist South Vietnamese lawyer who had to leave the dear motherland under the dictatorship and inhuman lawless communist government, hoping to give you more ‘opportunity to assess its appropriateness’.

The uproar and shock from the Vietnamese Diaspora around the world is bearing a horrific hair-raising and goose bumping feeling with current events about the

shocking image of the drowned innocent Syrian boy on a Turkish beach and the tragic plight of refugees which remind sensitive and humanistic people of the tragic event of old ‘Vietnamese boat people’ long time ago, who were forced to leave their country just because of this SAME dictatorial Mafia but self called communist government, to die in the high seas in a so great unbelievable number to the point to awaken the World’s conscience after that.

NOT as mentioned by Jacky Main, your Clerk to the Council, that the essence of this dispute is ‘radically different depending which side the observer’s ancestors fought on’,

I do think that the problem does concern 2 aspects:


The man: HO CHI MINH.

There are so many documents about the REAL Ho Chi Minh that everybody who minds to browse and search in the Internet about the multi-faced hypocritical evil man, NOT by Vietnamese Nationalists BUT by neutral international observers, even one of your news paper at:

or from an Indonesian news paper begging ‘the man’ to stop French kissing every  young Indonesian girl that he met while officially visiting Indonesia in 1959:



or from page 7 of the set of pictures shown after page 512 of the book Raymond Aubrac by French author Pascal Convert (Éditions Du Seuil, 2011), showing Ho Chi Minh’s pedophiliac secret face, sleeping right on the grass while embracing Jean-Pierre Aubrac, the son of the man who was offering hospitality to him at Soisy-sous-Montmorency, France in 1946.


Just to mention a few  same reasons which did enlighten UNESCO to cancel the planning to ‘honor the man’ after 1975!

Your Ho Chi Minh statue at West Quay (if there will be any) would proclaim loudly for the World your approval and proudness about a man of the same caliber as Bashar al-Assad, the insensitive Syrian leader or as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS ruthless leader!


The gift: Which money will be used to pay for it?

Naturally, financially speaking, Newhaven Town won’t have to pay a dime for the monument in this actual difficult economic situation, but is it worth to encourage a bandit government in its inhuman behavior?

While the Vietnamese Communist Leaders keep robbing the Vietnamese people, just to satisfy their insatiable greed, just for their own ego, like this gold-plated mansion belonging to Nong Duc Manh, their former General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party at:


to the unbelievable and most stupid monument dedicated to the place where once, did Ho Chi Minh urinate:


the majority of the Vietnamese people is trying to desperately survive like this homeless amputee, shown from


or this ‘half man’ trying to wash his children with the sewer water!


or the ‘impossible’ situation of teachers and students to have to cross the river to go to school while been enveloped inside a plastic bag, situation that even your Telegraph (in section or your Daily Mail had to get upset!


Please, this is NOT about OLD antagonists, but rather a subject of Decent Humanity.

In this low world, we don’t live just a materialist life only. And ‘to arouse people’s interest in the town and its history’ does not need something distasteful.

Respectfully  Yours,

Hung Le,

4223 Tumbleweed Cres.

Windsor, Ontario N9G 3B8




Ngày 14 tháng 9 năm 2015 thì Bà Dân Biểu Maria Caulfield có hồi âm đã nhận bức thư.  


to:        Hung Le <>

date:    Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 11:35 AM

subject:           Automatic reply: Gift from Communist Vietnam to NewHaven Town for a monument at West Quay


Maria Caulfield MP

Member of Parliament for Lewes

House of Commons

London, SW1A 0AA


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Ngày 15 tháng 9 năm 2015  thì Thư kỳ HĐTP NewHaven là Jacky Main đã trả lời như sau (lưu ý, đây cũng  là thư trả lời cho Vietnamese American Community of the USA, chỉ đổi Người nhận là ‘Dear Sir’ thay vì ‘Dear Vietnamese American Community of the USA’, như đã từng gởi cho CỘNG ĐỒNG NGƯỜI VIỆT QUỐC GIA HOA KỲ (


Jacky Main

Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 9:32 AM

subject:           RE: Ho chi Minh


Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to hear that you are upset by the plans to place a monument on West Quay referring to Ho Chi Minh’s historic link with the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry.

The interest of the Vietnamese Embassy in Newhaven came about as an unforeseen consequence of a project in Newhaven to put some colourful banners up by the harbour in the town in 2013.  There are 10 banners in total, each with a quirky historical fact about Newhaven on them, all starting with “Did you know?”  One of the banners says “Did you know that Ho Chi Minh once worked as a pastry chef on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry?” Other banners are about other well-known people who once had a connection with the town – some good (like Edward Gibbon, who wrote the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) and others bad (like Lord Lucan, a famous murder suspect). Some of the banners are not about people at all.

Our local newspaper, the Sussex Express ran a story about the banners.  This was picked up by the BBC, who found it quite extraordinary that Ho Chi Minh might have once worked on the ferry and they ran a piece on regional TV news focusing on this particular quirky historical fact.  This in turn was picked up by the Vietnamese Embassy, which approached the town council wanting to form friendship links with Newhaven.  The Vietnamese Ambassador came down to Newhaven to unveil the banner; there was a reception to celebrate Ho Chi Minh’s birthday in a local hall and the memorial stone on West Quay was also unveiled.  This event was organised at very short notice; the existing stone was always intended however to be temporary – it was merely a marker for where the eventual memorial is to go.

It is entirely clear to us here in Newhaven that many terrible things happened in Vietnam during the war there, perpetrated by both sides.  We fully understand that for many  people the memory of these atrocities lives on.

Wars always produce acts of great evil and horrific war crimes.  These acts are usually carried out by both sides.  The view of war time leaders which is passed down to history tends to be radically different depending which side the observer’s ancestors fought on.  Vietnamese refugees living in other countries and American veterans perceive Ho Chi Minh as the embodiment of evil; the Vietnamese people who want to form friendship ties with Newhaven call him “Uncle Ho” and speak of him with great affection as the kindly father of his people.  We would expect that neither image is particularly accurate – both images are the creations of opposing sides in a bitterly fought war.

Neither the banner, nor the monument (from our view point) is meant to be honouring a hero – they are just supposed to arouse people’s interest in the town and its history.

The Vietnamese War ended in 1975. Great Britain was never involved in it – we did not send any troops at all. We in fact established diplomatic relations with the new government of Vietnam in 1973 before the war ended.

We have to make friends with countries that we have fought against once wars are over, otherwise the world could not operate. If this didn’t happen we British wouldn’t be able to talk with or trade with the Germans, or the French for instance.  The Germans systematically murdered thousands of Jews during the Second World War; the Japanese treated British prisoners of war with great barbarity – but Britain is friends with both countries now.  And in this case, actually the British never fought against Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Embassy is very interested in Newhaven because of its historic links with their revered leader Ho Chi Minh and is offering opportunities for Newhaven businesses to form trading links with Vietnam and schools to exchange for the educational benefit of children in both countries. They want to promote tourism and anticipate that large numbers of Vietnamese tourists will want to come to visit Newhaven to see a town which has a connection with Ho Chi Minh and this can only help with the regeneration of Newhaven.

Newhaven Town Council  understands that the Vietnamese Embassy sees this quirk of history as an opportunity for them to promote better public relations with Britain.  We feel that it can only be to the benefit of people both in Vietnam and here in Newhaven to have friendly relations with the current regime.  It is by talking openly to each other and learning about each other that we can influence each other – and, we would hope, prevent future wars and future war crimes.

At present we do not know exactly what is proposed, but we are not expecting it to be a statue of Ho Chi Minh himself, but rather something more abstract which refers to the quirk of history and the present day friendship links.  Whatever it is, it will be a gift from Vietnam and will be subject to the usual planning regulations, which will give everyone an opportunity to assess its appropriateness.

Kind regards,

Jacky Main| Clerk to the Council

Newhaven Town Council

18 Fort Road


East Sussex


T: 01273 516100

F: 01273 611175


Jacky Main | Clerk to the Council

Newhaven Town Council

18 Fort Road


East Sussex


T: 01273 516100

F: 01273 611175


Please note my new name and email address following my recent marriage.


Cho tới nay (Tháng chạp năm 2015), thì tại Trang Liên Mạng của HĐTP NewHaven chỉ đơn giản KHÓA SỔ và đầy banh cho đám VC tại Luân đôn như sau:


Competition to design a statue/monument about Ho Chi Minh

A new competition has been launched to design a monument to Vietnam’s former leader Ho Chi Minh, who worked on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry after the First World War.

The competition is open to all residents of Newhaven as well as to students, staff and alumni of both Sussex University and West Dean College and members of the Vietnamese Society of Brighton and Hove.

The artist who submits the winning design will win a trip to Vietnam, including a visit to the factory where the monument will be created.

The winning design will then be installed on the West Quay promontory later in 2015 – 125 years after Ho Chi Minh’s birth.

For more details about the competition, please visit this web page:

Vietnam sculpture competition

Thank you!

This competition is now closed, and submissions are being reviewed by the Vietnamese Embassy.


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