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Review of the book “Why the North won the VN war” (edited by Marc Jason Gilbert, published by PALGRAVE, 2002).



Leftist Living Room Politicians Hallucination, September 14, 2010

By  Hung Le (Canada) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Why The North Won The Vietnam War (Paperback)

Title : Leftist Living Room Politicians Hallucination

Tag : Lies on Vietnam War

Right at the beginning of this book, at page 3, the collector of these ‘one-way’ essays has admitted  that ‘no single truth or perspective can ‘explain this failure’ (i. e. the loss of the Vietnam War). Butthroughoutof it, readers can only see biased, story teller’s style, and unproven mentioning of facts trying to explain it just in one way, the ‘book way’ !

Everywhere, important statements are nonchalantly spread outlike in an elementary school writing, just mentioning some: ‘internal rebellion’ (page 7, while it was the result of Resolution 15 of Hanoi’s Third Congress of the Fifteenth Plenum) ; ‘the Republic of Vietnam . . . army . . . live off the people in a manner . . more brutal than the levies of Viet Cong tax collectors (page 8, omitting all the killings of more than 5,000 innocent people at Hue by the VC during the failed Tet Offensive); ‘as for an effective South Vietnamese army . . . corrupt officers corp and a poorly trained, unmotivated soldiering’ (page 123, ignoring many outstanding South Vietnamese victories like the ones at An Loc or the retaking of Quang Tri Province in 1972, etc . . . ; ‘At the time of its fall, Saigon is reputed to have yet to expend the money provided in the previous funding cycle’ (page 187, blindly not recounting all the efforts of both South Vietnam and President Ford’s requested aid for South Vietnam in a $522 million aid package, expressly not recognizing the truth that US Financial Aid was successively reduced from Fiscal Year 1973 of 2,1 billion US$ to 1,4 billion US$ in 1974 and finally ONLY 0.7 billion US$  in 1975 – a promise not yet fulfilled at the end!); ‘these officers, patriots martyrs or cowards like, left their men in the field and their nation to fend for themselves’ (same page 187, blatantly omitting the heroic suicides of  Major General NGUYEN KHOA NAM Commander  of  IV Corps and Military Region 4 , of  Brigadier General LE VAN HUNG Deputy Commander of the IV Corps/Military Region 4 at Can Tho , of  Brigadier General TRAN VAN HAI Commander, 7th Infantry Division at Dong Tam, near My Tho , of Major General PHAM VAN PHU Commander II Corps/Military Region 2 and so many other high and low ranking officers or the phenomenal battle of Xuan Loc where the ARVN 18th Division under the command of  Brigadier General LE MINH DAO broke the assault of 4 North Vietnamese Divisions (5th, 6th, 7th and 341st ).

Most typical of these so called ‘leftist living room intellectuals’ who, adopting their ever lasting trendy fashion, allow themselves to think that as scholars (while they are just men with degrees, NOT worth to be called intellectuals), they are smarter and well above their government and anybody else, is Robert K. Brigham. He wrote freely, not caring aboutany decency to even try to tell the truth. One just could wonder where did he sit in the assembly for ‘the decision to create the FNL’ by the Vietnamese Communist Party (page 98)  or how he could be better than the CIA for knowing(!) that Le Duan’s report ‘concluded that the party must embrace war  and must organize a broad-based front in the South under the Control of the central Committee’  (page 107, implicitly recognizing that the Vietnam War was simply a war between the Nationalist South Vietnam with the help of the USA to self defend against the invading North Communist North Vietnam with the huge support of Communist China and the USSR). Starting from page 106 and so on, the reader ONLY can think that these recounts should be freely and happily provided to the writer by the Communists!. The CIA was really so stupid NOT to hire R. K. Brigham for spy. And finally, the MOST dishonest fact is that the writer has ended his essay with ‘they carried with them the NLF flag, because northern officers knew all too well that the South had paid a high price for victory.’: how many months were left before this flag disappeared completely in the so called united Vietnam? And what about all the suffering after Black April 1975: ‘re-education’ labour camps in which, according to published academic studies in the United States and Europe, 165,000 people died, destruction of private enterprises, the more than 1,115,000 boat people who barehanded left their motherland and among whom, more than 400,000 people died while trying to flee Vietnam? And what about the saying that ‘ if street post lights have feet inVietnam, they ALSO would leave it!’.

The sad thing aboutthis deeply biased is that these writers, whom we couldn’t accept even as just analysts (not to mention some people calling them the ‘best’!), never could change, doesn’t matter what the truth is, doesn’t matter that after so many years, so many de-classifications, so many events and news, they just behave like horses under harness, guided by the rider (which is their hate for their own government) , not capable to ‘see’. Like these few persons that Vietnamese people has a contemptuous definition for ‘ guys who are fed by Nationalists butworship the Communist ghost’, this is a  collection of writers who, during these past years seem to enjoy downgrading their country, the USA and its South Vietnam Ally like masturbating and finally finding orgasm on April 1975.

They don’t have the intellectual honesty to accept the truth like one of their flag bearer, Jean Paul Sartre, the co-President of the Tribunal of Russel in 1967 the goal of which is to judge the US war crimes in Vietnam, has done: he denounced the Communist Government of Vietnam in 1979 and together with his worst enemy, Raymond Aron went to the Élysée Palace to beg the French President, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing to accept the refugees of Vietnam who were drowning by ten thousands while leaving their motherland in tiny fisher boats. It could be that he would die soon and that was a sorry act of redemption at the end of his life. Could we expect the same thing with our writers?

Instead, these writers continue to lonely disseminate lies, typically like ‘Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap and Ho Chi Minh were able to use the losses in battle to encourage their commander in the field to preserve the strategic flexibility’ (page 174) while it was very clear that Vo Nguyen Giap didn’t give a damn about all the Vietnamese Youth’s Life as he has confirmed himself with Morley Safer, the Canadian correspondent from CBS News bureau in Saigon that President Lyndon Baines Johnson accused as communist, who has come back to Vietnam in 1989:

We go for a walk in the garden, and he agrees to talk to me in French.

“Ever a moment of conscience or pity, ever a regret about sending so many people to what you knew must be a certain death?”

 “Never. Not a single moment.”

(page 26, Flashbacks by Morley Safer,St. Martin’s Paperbacks 1990)

These writers are born under the auspice of ROOTLESS: their goal is to demonize and insult their own government while carrying on their head everything or everybody that are their country enemies, to venerate them!

But luckily, God is still here: there is always the shining TRUTH under the sun.

That’s why this derisory book until today, September 14, 2010, got only so far 4 reviews compared to A Better War by Lewis Sorley (A Harvest Book Harcourt Inc. 1999) which got over 72 reviews.

Put beside the above book, Why The North Won The Vietnam War pales miserably because it is NOT backed by the ‘455 previously unexploited tape recordings, running in the aggregate to thousands of hours, made at MACV Headquarters during the years 1968-1972’, by ‘the oral histories of many of the senior American officers involved’, by ‘Archival materials at the U.S. Army Military History Institute, the U.S. Army Center of Military History, the Air Force History Office, and the Marine Corps Historical Center’, by ‘files in the National Archives, including the Wheeler Papers’, by ‘some 200 interviews conducted by the author for this book, as well as several hundred interviews conducted by him during the preparation of two previous works of biography.’

(page 403, NOTES of A Better War).

Conclusion: Book NOT worth to spend money for because it IS a spit of insult on the souls of so many Vietnamese people killed  by their own country men, Communist dictators whose lives are just the ones of loyal lackeys of the Third International.

Better keep it for A Better War! By Lewis Sorley, an uttermost COMPLETE book capable to explain why the war was lost by the Nationalist South Vietnam to the Communist North: It didn’t lose it, It was winning!

Hung Le



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